Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights

Vizio sound bars are popular home theater products and many people enjoy their sound quality. If you’re experiencing flashing white lights on the back of your Vizio sound bar. When the Vizio sound bar flashes white lights, many people assume that there was a problem with the device. But actually it’s a problem with the settings of Vizio Sound Bar. In this article we give you the easiest way to solve this problem and how you can reset your settings on the Vizio sound bar. You don’t need to worry about this issue. We can resolve this issue with a very simple method. You just need to reset your setting. How you can do this we tell you. You just need to follow steps below:

1: Hold the Bluetooth Button

Hold the Bluetooth Button

Press and hold the Control and Bluetooth buttons on the Vizio sound bar for at least five seconds.
Once you release the button on the Vizio soundbar, the screen should stop flashing white light. If that does not work for once, then turn off the soundbar and repeat the steps 2,3 times.

2: Hold Input and Volume Down Button

Hold Input and Volume Down Button

If you have a Vizio sound bar and it’s flashing white lights, don’t panic. It’s not broken. This is actually a common issue that can be fixed with a simple reset.
To do this hold down the input and volume down buttons on the sound bar for about 5-6 seconds. Then release them and wait for the sound bar to reset. Once it’s done, test the soundbar to see if the issue is resolved.

3: Hold Input and Volume Up Button

If your Vizio sound bar is flashing white lights, there are a few things you can try before calling customer service. The thing you should do is hold the input and volume up button for about 5,6 seconds on the sound bar.
By applying this method you can reset your settings and hopefully this method can solve this issue. This is the easiest and best method for resolving this issue.

If any of these methods doesn’t work you just need to contact any customer service.


In conclusion, the Vizio sound bar is flashing white lights. This appears to be a common issue with Vizio sound bar. There is a clear solution for this and that is to reset the Vizio Sound Bar settings. You don’t need to panic, after following our methods above in this article you can get your solution. This issue is common in this model. We hope after following the above mentioned methods you can get a solution to this problem. If you are experiencing this problem, be sure to try these methods before taking more drastic steps. We always try our best to give you the easiest method of solving any issue. In this article there are a few potential fixes that have been suggested, but it is not clear if any of them will work for everyone. If you are experiencing this issue, after applying these methods you need to reach out to Vizio website for support.

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